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3 Dockbar like applications for Linux

Posted by madhavkobal on 20/08/2009

In the past, the dock bar has been just an appearance enhancer in operating systems. People have been led to believe that the dock is for those who are more conscious about appearance rather than performance and because of this, they quickly lost interest in it once they got used to it.

In truth, the dock bar can provide you more if you want it to. There are a lot of Dock bar applications available that do just that.

Here are a few Dock Bar applications that are available on the major Operating Systems.


Gnome Do

Gnome Do - Docky
Gnome Do is a Quicksilver like application which allows you to search for items present on your Linux Desktop or Web. It also allows you to perform useful actions on the items that are found.
It has a nifty plugin called Docky that it’s an excellent dock bar.
Just open your linux package manager and install it.

Avant Window Navigator

Avant Window Navigator
The Avant Window Navigator is an application which tracks open windows and shows the list of the ones which are open. Not only does this increase visual appeal, but it also reduces additional screen space usage.
Just open your linux package manager and install it.

Cairo Dock

Cairo Dock
Cairo is different from other dock applications, as it runs a bit faster while remaining visually appealing.


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