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Entertainment Redefined with XBMC Media Center

Posted by madhavkobal on 20/08/2009

XBMC, recursive acronym for “XBMC Media Center“, is an award winning free and open source software media-player and entertainment hub for all your digital media.

Multi-platform, Internationalized, and Localized

XBMC is a cross-platform software available for Linux, Mac OS X (Leopard, Tiger, and Apple TV), Microsoft Windows operating-system, as well as the original Xbox game-console. With translations to over 30 languages for a worldwide audience. All versions of course completely free of any adware or spyware.

  • XBMC for Linux
  • XBMC for Mac
  • XBMC for Windows
  • XBMC for Xbox
  • XBMC Live

XBMC supports most common audio, video, and image formats, playlists, audio visualizations, slideshows, weather reporting, and third-party plugins. It is network-capable (internet and LAN ). Unlike other applications like Windwos Media Center, or other free-software media center applications like MediaPortal and MythTV , XBMC Media Center has as of yet no PVR TV-recording and EPG TV-Guide functionality of its own. However, it does offer the possibility to integrate such functionality through third-party plugins.

Through its plugin, which is based on the Python, XBMC is expandable via add-ons that include features such as television program guides,Youtube, Hulu, Veoh , online movie trailer support, and SHOUTcast/Podcast streaming. XBMC also functions as a gaming platform by allowing users to play mini-games developed with Python, on any operating system. In addition, the Xbox version of XBMC contains the ability to launch console games, andhomebrew applications such as emulators. XBMC source code as a whole is distributed under GPL.

Here see some screenshots

Fanart in PM3.HD by XBMC Media Center.


PM3:HD by XBMC Media Center.

PM3:HD by XBMC Media Center.


MediaStream12 by XBMC Media Center.


Mark III by XBMC Media Center.

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