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Free “Really Cool” Stickers About Linux/FOSS

Posted by madhavkobal on 20/08/2009

Do you want to remove that Windows or Apple logo from your Linux-powered netbook or laptop? If you do then you may as well replace it with some cool graphics that would stand out. To spare you from the hassles of creating you own or searching the web, I recommend that you download the Free Software Sticker Book first. There you will find tons of ready-made stickers (in ODG format) that is related to Linux and Free and Open Source software. But before I’ll give you the download link, here are some teasers:

Some distro-specific stickers…

You can’t go wrong with GNU…

How about showing some love to FOSS heroes…

BSD ready…

Linux inside…

Tux colors…

Pythonic sticker…

You will find these stickers and a lot more if you download the Free Software Sticker Book at


2 Responses to “Free “Really Cool” Stickers About Linux/FOSS”

  1. Excellent site, keep up the good work

  2. Great site…keep up the good work.

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