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YouTube Now In Hindi!

Posted by madhavkobal on 20/08/2009

YouTube’s Hindi user interface features a localised homepage and search functions, allowing users to create and share videos, discover the most popular and relevant videos, and connect with other Indian and global users, says the company. YouTube in Hindi is supported by Google Translate which enables the translation of the navigation and menu between Hindi and English.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the online video experience of our users,” said Vinay Goel, head, products, Google India. “Google India is uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges in bringing the benefits of the Internet to the emerging users because India is home to around one billion such users. We are committed to promoting the creation and consumption of content in Indian languages, and the launch of this edition of YouTube is a positive step in this direction.”

The entire suite of local features such as promoted videos, featured videos, and help centre, user support and community features such as video ratings, sharing and content flagging will be available to users on the YouTube Hindi interface.

YouTube allows anyone with access to a video recording device such as a Web camera or a cell phone to create content, connect and converse with each other through the medium of video.


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