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Google “Listen” Unveiled for Android Users

Posted by madhavkobal on 21/08/2009

Google has initiated a new Labs project dubbed as Listen. This new application will operate on the Android platform and offer many benefits to users, according to the official Google blog. Users can search fresh and booming audio content through the web and download it to the handset as well.

The search tool of this application is easy to understand and speedy. Any audio program can be searched using the search bar from the home screen. By hitting the result button on the home screen, users can start listening to the audio programs automatically. More options are also offered if the result button is pressed for a long time. Users can also be updated on specific programs or search terms by keeping subscriptions. They can easily subscribe by clicking on the checkbox located in the corner of the screen after the search result is pressed. Additionally, on the My Subscription screen the latest episode of the programs tab is displayed by the application. Even while going through the search results, users can subscribe to search terms by selecting the checkbox. They can maintain a My Listen queue which allows them to select specific episodes which can be heard in any order. For the optimum convenience of users, there is also a FAQ and more information provided on the official site.


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