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Google Opens Gmail Contact Import to Everyone

Posted by madhavkobal on 21/08/2009

I use Gmail as my primary personal e-mail account, but still have a Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL account kicking around. Back in May, Google announced that people signing up for new Gmail accounts could import their contacts from other Web-based mail services, but the company has now extended that to existing Gmail users like myself.

“Often, these accounts predate Gmail, and occasionally we have to log into them to look at some old confirmation email or find the email address for someone with whom we’ve lost touch,” Marcin Brodziak, a Google software engineer, wrote in a blog post. “Now, with just a few clicks anyone can copy all of that to your Gmail account.”

To activate, click Settings in Gmail and go to Accounts and Import. Click “Import mail and contacts” and a window will pop up and walk you through the import process.

Google will forward any new mail from these accounts to Gmail for 30 days.



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