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E17 with Suse Linux

Posted by madhavkobal on 01/09/2009

Enlightenment is a window manager. Enlightenment is a desktop shell. Enlightenment is the building blocks to create beautiful applications. Enlightenment, or simply e, is a group of people trying to make a new generation of software.If you want to learn more about the history behind the Enlightenment Project check out the about pages.

Enlightenment DR17

DR17 of the Enlightenment window manager represents an evolution into the next generation of desktop environments: the desktop shell. DR17 will provide integration between files and your environment in a seamless manner while encompassing a graphically rich and flexible architecture. It will not compete with GNOME or KDE, but be a completely new way of visualizing your desktop, based around the EFL which was built from the ground up for this task.

Still in heavy development, several applications that will be part of the DR17 release and examples of what is possible are already available in SVN, such as Entice, Entrance, and Evidence.

An Enlightenment DR 17 desktop

DR17 is in active development, but core features are in place:

  • Fully themeable, with both a menu-based and command-line theme-changing interface
  • A built-in file manager
  • Icons on the desktop
  • Virtual desktop grid feature
  • Modular design – can dynamically load external modules. Current available modules include:
    • Pager – Switching between different virtual desktops
    • iBar – Launching applications
    • iBox – Holding minimized applications
    • iTask NG – A dock similar to the Mac OS X dock
    • Dropshadow – Provides a drop-shadow for every window
    • Clock – Analog clock
    • Battery – Monitoring a laptop battery
    • CPUFreq – Monitoring a laptop CPU
    • Temperature – Monitoring laptop temperature
  • One or more shelves to manage the gadget placement and appearance on the screen
  • Animated, interactive desktop backgrounds, menu items, iBar items and desktop widgets are all possible
  • Window shading, iconification, maximising and sticky settings
  • Customizable key bindings
  • Support for internationalization
  • Standardized – supports all needed standards (NetWM, ICCCM, XDG and so on)

Installing E17 in Suse

Add custom Repository

From software manager install E17.


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