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“top” like commands / apps

Posted by madhavkobal on 08/10/2009

You already know the Linux command called “top”, and also iotop and iftop (from previous Web Upd8 posts), but I bet you don’t know some of the other 14 top-like Linux apps:

htop – Undoubtedly the most famous of the top-like tools. It implements some extra options to the “top” command, like colors, ability to scroll horizontally and vertically, and a better interaction with the processes listed.

itop – Monitors the system breaks.

atop – Monitor for system resources. Displays swap, network, disk, cpu, activity, among other processes.

sntop – Pings a list of hosts and indicates whether they are active or inactive. Must be configured in /etc/sntoprc.

mtop, mytop – tools that monitor the performance and queries of a mysql database.

apachetop – Displays information about Apache, such as requests per second, bytes per second and the most popular URLs.

ptop – Similar to mtop, but specific to postgres.

dnstop – Displays information about the network’s DNS traffic.

virt-top – Displays details of virtualised systems: cpu, memory, uptime. You can monitor any system based on libvirt virtualisation such as Xen and KVM.

iptstate – Displays information about connections which pass through your firewall / gateway. It is basically a netstat that monitors the connections handled by iptables. Depends on module CONNTRACK.

pktstat, jnettop – Displays information on the network bandwidth, each with its peculiarity – From the same class as previously mentioned iftop.

nethogs – network information, but instead of displaying the traffic by protocol, nethogs shows the bandwidth usage by process. Very interesting.

You need to download and install this packages


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