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Moovida: A Music Player for the Masses

Posted by madhavkobal on 04/11/2009

Moovida logo

If you’re like most computer users, your hard drive is probably stuffed to the gills with movies, pictures, music, and media files you want to hang on to. If you’re trying to figure out a good way to manage them all, have a look at Moovida, an open source media player that’s so snappy you might kick your current player to the curb.

Moovida is loaded with more features than one person could probably ever use. Media is searchable by artist, song, TV show, movie title, or file name. Thumbnail and slideshow images of cover art or image files display beautifully and put CoverFlow to shame.

Moovida pics

Stream movies and TV shows right over your home network, or play directly from DVDs or video files on your hard drive. Moovida supports all video formats including .mov, .flv, .divX, and .mkv — even the elusive .ogg. It’s got full HD support and allows users to access online content via plugins. Moovida will even pull plot synopsis and actor lists from the Internet, and display subtitles for all your favorite foreign films.

Moovida movies

Moovida organizes your music according to artist, album, genre, and even by time period. As with movies, you can stream across your network, or play CDs or music files housed on your hard drive. Moovida lets you integrate your music library with online content services and has plugin support for Shoutcast, Grooveshark,, and RTBF radio.

Moovida music

One of the neatest things about Moovida is the ability to share media content from your computer directly on your TV. In fact, unlike many other media players, Its user interface is optimized for TV viewing and includes remote control support. Moovida automatically detects peripheral devices like digital cameras, iPods, and USB hard drives, making adding or transferring files a snap.

If your media file directory rivals that of the Library of Congress, then you need to give Moovida a try. Its easy to install and makes managing your media content a real joy.

Find the install instructions for various Linux distribution here. Suse/OpenSuse users can use packman repository here


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