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Red Hat’s Enterprise Virtualisation released

Posted by madhavkobal on 04/11/2009

Red Hat has announced the general availability of its Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers. The product is part of Red Hat’s virtualisation portfolio based around KVM, which Red Hat has moved to since acquiring the KVM developers Qumranet in 2008 . The KVM based road map which was announced in February began beta testing in June with customers such as Comviva, NTT Communications, Swisscom and Qualcomm. The foundation for the release is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, released in September.

The new products announced today are Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Hypervisor, a light weight hypervisor for hosting Linux and Windows virtual machines, and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation Manager for Servers, a browser based management system to create and configure virtual machines, move them between physical systems, optimise for power saving and set up fail over policies.

As with all Red Hat products, the code is released under the GPL, with Red Hat selling subscriptions to support and services; for example, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation for Servers is available, per managed CPU socket, with a standard subscription (12×5 phone support and web support) for $499 or with a premium subscription (24×7 phone support) for $749 per year.


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