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Google Dashboard Gives You a Bird’s-eye for Your Data

Posted by madhavkobal on 06/11/2009

Google Inc, the software giant has announced that it will provide a window for users to see what data it is capturing from their activities on YouTube, Gmail, Reader and other accounts at

The company has been criticized frequently for accumulating large data about users and also provides easy access for information to others.

The company has unveiled a new service called Google Dashboard, which will summarizes all the data that the search giant accumulate from users’ different accounts like Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, Web History, Checkout, Reader and YouTube.

Also, with the new service, users can directly adjust their privacy settings for different Google products.

According to the company, the dashboard uses all the information, which was already available in the accounts and settings sections for each Google’s products, hence the new application provides all that information together at one place.

Google further added that the new application would provide more transparency and control. For example, in Gmail, the Dashboard will list the number of conversations in your inbox or in your account, as well as your chat sessions.


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