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Google offers Chrome version 5 for Linux, Mac and Windows

Posted by madhavkobal on 04/06/2010

In the recent proclamation from Google, the Chrome browser 5.0.375.55 has been hooked on to the Stable channel for Mac, Linux and Windows users. This latest version 5 is loaded with an array of new features that aids in the syncing of browser preferences, the HTML5-based bookmarks manager has been revamped with a freshness appeal attached to it, an extension-manager, in addition to some HTML5 features like Geo-location APIs and file drag and drop, states Bradford Schmidt from Technorati.

Apart from theses recent touch-ups and the additional, the security concerns have also been minutely taken care of. A list of security and stability updates are being seen in the current version. The drag and drop at Gmail can be easily performed in this version. However a backdrop of this version is the Adobe Flash Player integration which seemingly is absent. The overall conclusion of Google Chrome 5.0.375.55 concentrates upon the security side of the browser, as stated by the trade analysts.


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