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Neatx – An Open Source NX server

Posted by madhavkobal on 12/06/2010

What is Neatx

Neatx is an Open Source NX server, similar to the commercial NX server from NoMachine. If you’re not familiar with NX, these links might help:


Neatx was developed by Google for an internal project. That project is now finished, and the source was released for the community to use/develop/benefit from. A couple of Google employees are doing sporadic releases and maintenance in their spare time.

What Works

  • Session creation
  • Session suspension
  • Session resumption
  • Session shutdown
  • Gnome/KDE/Application/Console sessions
  • Floating Window/Virtual Desktop sessions
  • Fullscreen/Resolution/Keyboard preferences
  • Session shadowing (though only sessions belonging to you)

What Doesn’t Work

  • Terminating a session from the session list
  • Windows/VNC sessions
  • Sound, printer tunneling, Samba tunneling
  • Local session sharing
  • Load balancing

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