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World Cup kicks off web traffic record

Posted by madhavkobal on 15/06/2010

Web traffic on the first day of the World Cup has been classified as heavy for the better part of the day, exceeding the record set when Barack Obama won the US presidential election, according to measurements by Akamai.

At its peak, traffic for news sites globally started a steady climb about 6:00am ET and peaked six hours later, reaching nearly 12.1 million visitors per minute. The previous record was 8.5 million visitors per minute.

Traffic dipped going into the afternoon, but it stayed well above normal — registering some 6.5 million visitors per minute, or 130 percent of normal — at 17:00 ET. The bulk of the demand in the last 24 hours has come from North America and Europe, but all regions are reporting heavy usage.

For more on this story, see World Cup Fever sends Internet usage to record levels on


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