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Convert a PDF file into a single Image using ImageMagick

Posted by madhavkobal on 18/06/2010

Don’t know when you might feel the necessity to convert a pdf into a .jpg or a .png file, but in case you have to, then ImageMagick will make this job really easy for you. ImageMagick is a great opensource command line utility for image manipulation.

Since, we are dealing with image conversion we will use the “convert” script, provided by ImageMagick.

[shredder12]$ convert file.pdf image.png

If the pdf file(file.pdf) has only one page then a single image.png file will be formed. In case of multiple pages, same number of image-[n].png files will be produced. For example, a three page pdf will result into three image files – image-0.png, image-1.png and image-2.png.

If you want to combine/stitch all these images together to form a single one, something similar to taking a snapshot of the whole pdf, then just run the following command.

[shredder12]$ convert image-* -append single_image.png

This will result in a single image file.


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