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Element OS – Home Theatre OS

Posted by madhavkobal on 21/06/2010

Overview of Element

Bridging the divide between the internet and television…
Element is a free operating system for home theater PCs, media center computers, and set-top boxes. Featuring an innovative “across the room” interface designed to be connected to your HDTV for a digital media and internet experience from within the comforts of your own living room or lounge. Element comes loaded with the software needed to stream all forms of web content  and manage your own multimedia library and downloads.  We’ve included many popular open source applications, each adapted to our unique interface, such as the Firefox Web Browser, Pidgin Messenger, and XBMC Media Center, along with access to numerous on-line content services from Hulu, Cooliris, Boxee, Clicker, Amazon on Demand, Youtube XL, and more.

Our aim has been to design an environment that is simple and intuitive while not sacrificing aesthetics or the ability to customise your system. We’ve enhanced a traditional mouse/keyboard driven environment through our unique implementation of a ten-foot user interface, providing our users a streamlined multimedia and internet experience they can pick up the essentials of in minutes and enjoy from across the room on there HDTV. If you have an Android handset then you can conveniently use it as a remote or purchase any of the affordable handheld keyboard/trackpad remotes compatible with Element in our Hardware section.

Unlike similar home-theater systems (Roku, Popcorn, etc) that are based around a single media center app or framework, Element is a complete application platform. What this means is even though Element comes preloaded with XBMC for media management and Cooliris for streaming content, you can add any number of apps or services such as Boxee, Hulu Desktop, Moovida, and to name a few.  Our system isn’t just for running different types of media software either, Element provides a full fledged computing and internet experience with hundreds of applications available all morphed to fit in our ten-foot user interface, from web browsers, to word processors, movie editors, photo managers, and most anything else you can imagine. You could even use Element as a gaming console with many 3D and general games available. In total over 1500 applications and almost 500 games are currently installable with a single click through our partners AllMyApps Software Center and our own Addons/Extra section.


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