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K3b 2.0 burner software with Blu-ray support arrives

Posted by madhavkobal on 01/07/2010

The K3B  development team has released version 2.0 of its CD and DVD creator for Linux. With this version, the developers have almost fully ported the popular burner software to KDE 4 by, for example, using solid for hardware detection.

As an added feature, the program now supports the burning of Blu-ray media via cdrecord. The developers have also combined various dialogues and given the program new icons to match the Oxygen theme. The rest of the program’s visual appearance – a direct port of its KDE3 predecessor – remains intact, so users will not need to re-familiarise themselves with the latest release.

More details about the release can be found in the changelog. K3b 2.0 source code is available to download from the project’s site. The K3B CD/DVD creator for Linux is licensed under the GPL.


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