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Record a Terminal Session with TermRecord

Posted by madhavkobal on 07/05/2014

There are several online services (e.g., or which allow you to record and share your terminal sessions on the web. But if you want to save recording locally, the answer is TermRecord.

Install and Run TermRecord on Ubuntu Linux

You may install TermRecord from GIT repository. Or TermRecord is available as a Python package, so you can install the package with pip command.

Lets install pip on Linux system.

$sudo pip install TermRecord

Once installation of pip is done successfully, simply run the command below to start recording.

$TermRecord -o /home/USER_HOME/session1.html

Then any subsequent commands that are typed from the terminal will be saved to the output HTML file. The output file will also store timing information, so that the whole terminal session can be replayed in the same speed as you are typing.

If you want to stop the recording, simply type “exit” and press ENTER.

If you open up the HTML output on a web browser, you can play, pause or restart the stored session. You can also adjust the replay speed, i.e., speed up or slow down the session replay as you like.


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