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Server-side Migration

As standards-based operating systems and applications evolve and provide more functionality, the reasons for migrating to a Linux environment significantly increase. If you’re considering migrating to Linux, OS3 Infotech can assess, plan, validate, deploy, and manage every aspect of your migration project, leading to fewer disruptions in your day-to-day business and a faster return on investment.

Services offered include :

Infrastructure Migration Readiness Assessment
Determines the potential ROI, risks and necessity of conducting an operating system, application, server, storage, or database migration.

Migration Planning and Validation
Consists of developing a detailed migration deployment plan as well as a validated and refined solution design.

Linux Migration
Develops thorough analysis for migrating from any environment to industry standards-based servers utilizing the Linux operating system.

Fast Track to Linux
Provides an evaluation of the potential benefits of Linux within a customer’s enterprise environment and implements a “pilot program” to evaluate and validate Linux performance and cost savings.

Potential Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive assessment and baseline of your IT infrastructures, making it possible to rapidly move forward with planning and implementation
  • Can significantly improve efficiency, scalability and availability of your IT infrastructure
  • Reduces your dependency on complex and often expensive proprietary systems
  • Utilizes existing IT systems and applications whenever possible
  • Helps minimize disruptions to your flow-of-business and employee productivity
  • Provides project management expertise from start-to-finish to help ensure your expectations are met
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