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Workload Consolidation & Migration

The Workload Consolidation & Migration offering from OS3 Infotech is the fastest and smartest way to take advantage of Novell’s award-winning PlateSpin® solutions. Let our experienced IT consultants and partners help you implement a rock-solid solution that will let you quickly realize the business benefits of managing your critical workloads.

Start Managing Workloads Today
Virtualization and Workload Management solutions from Novell, featuring PlateSpin Migrate, are designed to handle the real-world complexities and critical IT challenges of achieving greater efficiencies in the data center. Ensure the most effective setup and configuration of your Novell solutions by engaging the Novell IT Consulting team. With our unified approach, we provide the expertise, knowledge transfer, guidance and assistance you need to reduce costs, complexity and risk in the data center.

Engagement Overview
We can help your IT staff fully utilize the conversion capabilities of PlateSpin Migrate while performing server workload conversions. During this engagement, OS3 Infotech’s  IT team will assist in the proper installation, setup and configuration of PlateSpin Migrate for the purpose of physical-to-virtual (P2V) or physical-to-physical (P2P) server consolidations.

Project Details
Servers identified during pre-engagement activities as candidates for consolidation will be analyzed using our tools, and our consultant will assist your staff in understanding the results. From this population, final source servers will be selected, and these server workloads will be converted from physical servers to a virtual environment using PlateSpin Migrate.

During the engagement, we will also provide the following:

  • High level discussion of the uses and features of PlateSpin Migrate
  • Practical demonstration of PlateSpin Migrate using the identified source servers
  • Installation of PlateSpin Migrate and initiation of the server workload transfer
  • Options and methods available for the transfer of workloads from physical to virtual hosts

A flyer on our Workload Consolidation & Migration services is available here.


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