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Data Center Solutions

As business demands multiply, it gets tougher to maintain a cost-effective data center that is agile enough to keep up. Today’s IT environments are complex, with endless combinations of platforms, systems and applications. All of this adds to the cost of provisioning and maintaining your data center. And yet, you still may not be realizing the full potential of your IT investments.

With Novell, you can turn your data center into a future-proof foundation for business growth. Give your end users the resources they need while lowering costs, mitigating risk and maximizing the value of your IT assets.

Only Novell allows you to integrate future-proof technology with your current IT investments to create a powerful service-driven data center. Leveraging Novell’s Enterprise Linux Servers, Virtualization and Workload Management and Business Service Management solutions, we help you deliver business services through a flexible, automated and cost-effective infrastructure.

Enterprise Linux Servers

Build your data center with Suse Linux Enterprise from Novell, the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing. Our Enterprise Linux Server solutions combine the reliability, performance and interoperability you need with the lowest cost of ownership.

With Suse Linux Enterprise, you can:

  • Lower the total cost of your computing infrastructure and operations
  • Reduce the complexity of managing heterogeneous IT environments
  • Free your enterprise from vendor lock-in and maximize choice and flexibility

Recommended by Microsoft and SAP, the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform is designed for mission-critical computing across the enterprise, including physical, virtual, appliance and cloud deployments. With SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, you can economically deploy workloads wherever and however you want, with complete support from Novell and our global partner ecosystem of solution and hardware providers and independent software vendors (ISVs).

Virtualization and Workload Management

Manage your data center with PlateSpin® Workload Management solutions from Novell. Simplify the ongoing management of server workloads across a mixed IT environment. Our solutions profile, migrate, protect and manage server workloads on physical machines and virtual hosts. Plus, our agnostic technologies allow you to migrate between multiple hypervizors and computing platforms.

Engineered to fit into your existing IT infrastructure, our solutions:

  • Decrease management time
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduce complexity
  • Mitigate risk

If you want an open source virtualization solution, Novell offers SUSE Linux Enterprise with the integrated Xen hypervisor. Choose Novell’s or stay with your existing virtualization stack — Novell’s Virtualization and Workload Management solutions, can manage it all.

Novell technologies evolve with your data center, ensuring your IT environment is always efficient, well-balanced and resilient. Make the most of your current and future data center investments with PlateSpin Workload Management solutions.

Business Service Management

Measure your data center with Business Service Management. Our industry-leading solutions dynamically link business-related services to underlying applications, workloads and infrastructure components. We’ll help you understand IT issues in terms of how they impact your business. The results? Improved visibility. More actionable information. And better quality of service.

With Business Service Management solutions, you can:

  • Reduce the number and duration of IT outages by 50 percent or more
  • Lower the risks caused by configuration changes
  • Understand the business impact of IT service disruptions

Only Novell provides a complete, unified picture of your IT infrastructure and gives it to you in a format you can use. With it, you can transform your data center into something that is more service-driven and business-centric.

Data Center Solutions from Novell include :

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