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Platespin Migrate

As the most hands-off migration tool available, PlateSpin Migrate automates each step along the way. From the discovery of applications and services running on source workloads, all the way through the creation and configuration of virtual machines or bare metal physical servers, PlateSpin does all the heavy lifting.

Accelerate workload migration projects and reduce errors with the highest level of automation available for workload migration. PlateSpin® Migrate allows you to free up valuable IT resources for other tasks. Now you can count on your workload migration tasks being done when you need them.

For projects such as moving a data center or consolidating multiple physical sites into a central site, simple processes such as server migrations become time- and labor-intensive with the added problems of geography and scale.

With scalability up to 40 concurrent migrations per management server, robust network optimization, and advanced features such as server sync, PlateSpin Migrate ensures that your projects are completed on time and on budget.

Features of PlateSpin Migrate :

PlateSpin Migrate decouples workloads from their underlying server infrastructure and automatically copies and moves them over the network.

Task-based Wizards & Drag-and-Drop Interface
Reduce learning curves and simplify workload migration with a drag-and-drop interface and built-in workflows. Use the task-based wizards for common actions. Check out the advanced job configuration features that make it easy to set up migration jobs and move, copy, and deploy workloads.

On-the-fly Configuration
Reconfigure and right-size CPU, disk, memory and network resources on the fly to adjust to changing workloads and target machine resources.

Cohesive Planning and Execution
PlateSpin® Migrate works in tandem with PlateSpin Recon, an analysis and planning product. Used together, they automate the assessment, planning, testing and migration phases for your data center projects.

Server Sync
Reduce the risks associated with workload relocation projects. Perform an initial transfer to the target site or host, test the workload in the new location while continuing to run the source, and then perform a final sync before cutting over the workload.

Role-based Access
PlateSpin Migrate includes a range of security features. User authentication, authorization, and logging let you manage and monitor user activities. This also lets you grant access rights to the users who really need them.

Live Transfer
You can use Live Transfer for the migration or image capture of active servers without taking the source servers offline or having to reboot.

Migration Speed and Scalability
PlateSpin Migrate enables up to 40 simultaneous workload migrations. This dramatically reduces the time required to complete your data center projects.

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Workload Migration
PlateSpin Migrate supports all of the leading virtualization platforms, including VMware ESX and ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, SUSE® Linux Enterprise with Xen, and Citrix XenServer. It also supports several operating systems, hardware configurations and imaging technologies. It automatically configures the server workload to operate on the target environment, making driver, kernel and other necessary changes.

To download a product flyer on Platespin Migrate, please click here.

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