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Platespin Protect

With PlateSpin Protect, you can safeguard physical and virtual server workloads for a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery options. And you can recover lost data more rapidly and with greater ease.

Some of PlateSpin Protect’s features are listed below :

Cost-Effective Consolidated Backup and Recovery
Forget expensive 1-to-1 hardware and software redundancy. Instead, you can consolidate multiple physical and virtual server workloads onto a single virtualized recovery environment. With its incremental workload replication and consolidated recovery with a high workload protection ratio, PlateSpin Protect lets you cost-effectively extend recovery capabilities to servers that have commonly been left under-insured.

Easy Test Recovery
Quickly test recovery plans without disruption to the backup process. You can easily test and then audit your disaster recovery procedures.

One-Click Failover
Recover workloads quickly by booting up a replicated copy on the virtual recovery server.

Secure Conversions
Provide state-of-the-art protection for high-security data center environments with 128-bit AES encryption and support for end-to-end SSL.

PlateSpin Flexible Images
Reduce recovery costs by maintaining a library of hardware independent images. These images can be deployed to any hardware make or model to recover the workload. This option is ideal for offsite hosted recovery where similar hardware is not always available or when the recovery process needs to be tested on a regular basis. You can even recover individual files or folders from your backup images.

Multi-platform Workload Protection
Take advantage of support for virtualization solutions such as VMware ESX & ESXi and Microsoft Virtual Server, as well as multiple operating systems, hardware configurations and imaging technologies.

Multiple Concurrent Replications
Provide reliable and efficient replication for workload protection initiatives. PlateSpin Protect enables multiple concurrent workload replications for maximum efficiency and scalability.

Block and File Replication
Choose the best replication method for different situations. Block-level replication enables the protection of transactional workloads, such as mail servers and database servers. With block-level transfer, only the portion of a file that has changed is replicated, making it ideal for incrementally synchronizing large database servers and making offsite data backups more efficient. File-based replication provides a fast and efficient solution for protecting more static workloads while maintaining server uptime.

Server SyncTM
Reduce the risks associated with workload relocation projects like server consolidation and data center relocation. Server Sync performs an initial transfer to the target site or host, tests the workload in the new location while continuing to run the source and then performs a final sync before cutting over the workload. Server Sync can also accelerate workload migrations over wide area networks by eliminating the need for a second full system replication after testing.

Automatic Discovery
Automatically discover existing physical or virtual machines throughout the network for complete visibility into the data center landscape, including hardware, operating systems, services and application inventory. This feature allows you to quickly identify workloads that need to be protected using discovered workload details.

Central Management Console
Manage your protection environment through a single secure console, whether you are protecting workloads via images or replicating them to standby virtual machines. This management console connects to the management server over standard web protocols, making it easy to use across multiple data center sites and firewalls.

On-the-Fly Configuration
Reconfigure and right-size CPU, disk, memory and network resources on the fly to adjust to changing workloads and target recovery machine resources. Change critical parameters on restore and right-size the target recovery server to match workload demands.

Role-Based Access
Take advantage of a wide range of security features, including user authentication, authorization and logging. You can then effectively manage and monitor user activities and assign the right privileges to the right users.

Cohesive Planning and Execution
Use PlateSpin Protect with PlateSpin Recon to automate the assessment, planning, testing and migration phases of a successful disaster recovery initiative.

Industry View on Disaster Recovery :

76% of enterprises have declared a disaster or experienced a major business disruption.*
87% of enterprises have indicated that improving disaster recovery capabilities was critical.**

The Top Reasons :
Cost of Downtime – 56%
Improving Mission Critical Availability – 52%
Requirement to Stay Online 24/7 – 48%
Increased Risk – 44%

*April 3, 2008 – Building The Business Case for Disaster Recovery Spending – Forrester
**June 5, 2008 – The Forrester Wave: Disaster Recovery Services Providers, Q2 2008 – Forrester

A product flyer on Platespin Protect is available here for download.

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