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End-User Computing

The right tools empower individuals to work efficiently and teams to collaborate effectively. That’s what it’s all about: helping your people improve their productivity. From desktop solutions that give users exactly what they need, to collaborative environments that facilitate business, and easy management tools to keep the work environment stable and secure, Novell’s End-User Computing Solutions can accelerate innovation, boost productivity and cut costs.

Novell delivers powerful, accessible environments along with the security and interoperability that IT demands. Meet your enterprise’s service quality, risk mitigation, productivity and cost objectives with Novell. This is the future of End-User Computing.


Novell offers a comprehensive set of collaboration capabilities and supporting services to boost productivity and accelerate innovation. Reduce cost, complexity and risk with solutions that incorporate 25 years of expertise from Novell and our partners—plus a dedication to open source, open standards and interoperability.

Novell’s groundbreaking collaborative environments allow you and your users to:

  • Connect within personal workspaces and self-service communities
  • Share knowledge regardless of location
  • Preserve business knowledge across enterprise social networks
  • Automate IT and business processes to improve efficiencies
  • Manage mixed collaborative environments that leverage your existing investments

Enterprise Linux Desktops

You can now provide end users with accessible, secure desktops that cost 90 percent less than proprietary solutions. Enterprise Linux Desktops from Novell are the market’s only enterprise-quality Linux operating systems ready for use across a range of client devices. Built on the SUSE® Linux Enterprise platform, they provide market-leading security, seamless interoperability and dozens of essential applications.

With Enterprise Linux Desktops from Novell, your business can:

  • Lower costs associated with proprietary licensing and maintenance fees
  • Improve end-user security and preserve valuable corporate data
  • Increase workforce productivity by giving people the precise tools they need
  • Reduce administrative desktop headaches through centralized management and award-winning Novell and partner services

Endpoint Management

With Novell Endpoint Management solutions, you can simplify and reduce the cost of endpoint device lifecycle management across platforms and locations. These solutions help streamline and reduce the complexity of IT operations by standardizing and automating management tasks. Novell delivers management capabilities that span change and configuration, as well as asset management and security management for desktops, laptops, servers, handhelds and other networked endpoint devices. Ensure compliance, enforce security and eliminate risk. Novell Endpoint Management solutions do it all.

Through policy-driven automation, you can:

  • Eliminate redundant administrative tasks
  • Increase management efficiency
  • React more quickly to security issues
  • Keep your users productive with a stable and secure environment
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