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Collaboration Solutions

Discover cost-effective e-mail and calendaring solutions that empower team members to be more productive, individually and collectively. Your end users access e-mail and calendaring tools countless times each day. Even small inefficiencies within these applications can hurt productivity and increase costs. Enterprise-ready Novell solutions can make e-mail and calendaring the cornerstone of highly efficient group collaboration.

Novell’s e-mail and calendaring capabilities seamlessly integrate with all our collaboration solutions, helping individuals and groups to maximize their productivity.

Users access our solutions through personal productivity dashboards that blend traditional and Web 2.0 tools to support every aspect of their jobs. These customizable dashboards serve as entryways to collaborative applications and enterprise social networking capabilities. Users enjoy anytime, anywhere access to secure workspaces where they can interact, share knowledge and consolidate information.

Combined with task and contact management, these e-mail and calendaring solutions allow users to maximize the efficiency of their collaboration, IT and business processes.

  • End users can organize their in-boxes by categorizing e-mail messages, turning messages into tasks and transforming contacts into business relationships.
  • Team members can publish their calendars and search those of internal and external colleagues.

Whichever collaboration suite your organization employs, users can send and receive appointments. No more hassles scheduling meetings via e-mail or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our tools also prevent data loss with automatic save-and-restore capabilities—an important step toward enterprise-wide security and efficiency.

Novell’s range of Collaboration Products include :

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