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Novell Groupwise

Groupwise is  a messaging and collaborative software platform from Novell that supports email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. The platform consists of the client software, which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and the server software, which is supported on Windows Server, Netware, and Linux.

The coolest new features in GroupWise 8 :

Enjoy a Linux and Mac interface that’s more like the one Windows users have
You have wanted to use a GroupWise client that looks and acts more like its Windows counterpart. Now you can! Customize personal dashboards to bring front-and-center all the tools that help you be most productive for any aspect of your job.

Bring together multiple calendars
Import external calendars and overlay your work schedule with important holidays, your favorite sporting events or anything else you need to keep on your radar. Color-code appointments so you can keep track of professional and personal commitments. And, a new second time zone feature makes it easy to manage appointments in different regions of the world.

Gather together all your e-mail accounts
Interact with your external e-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, POP, IMAP and NNTP) within GroupWise. Organize them into folders and even place them in your Home View.

Organize your inbox
Sort your e-mails by fields such as date, subject sender, etc. Display your inbox to include a sneak peak at the first line of each message, see discussion threads or entire message previews.

Find things like never before
Now you can search for e-mails, appointments and contacts with a “Quick Find” feature.

Get notifications as you like
Receive alerts for appointments and e-mails. Set notifications so you can get to meetings on time and receive return status on emails and appointments you send out.

Find one less thing to curse when your computer crashes. Auto Save is here!
Finally, you can rest easy knowing that any work you do in GroupWise will automatically be saved when your computer freezes.

Tag e-mails and appointments
Add standard or customized categories to e-mails and appointments so you can pay attention to what’s urgent, remember to follow up to a request, or simply read an item later.

A Product Flyer (PDF) on GroupWise is available here for download.

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