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Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 11

Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 11 is an all-in-one desktop solution that helps organizations better address the challenges of increasing competition, spiraling costs, growing security threats and demanding customers. Its technology innovations and usability breakthroughs-including integrated desktop searches, accelerated graphical interfaces and numerous application improvements make SLED easy to learn and easy to use. It delivers market-leading usability plus an exceptional end-user experience. Seamless interoperability and standards support allow SLED to readily co-exist with Windows, Mac, UNIX and other operating systems. Dozens of productivity applications provide all necessary functions for the basic office worker.

SLED can be deployed in a variety of environments, including thick- and thin-client settings. It can also be tailored to fit fixed-function or special-purpose roles such as shared workstations and kiosks. SLED’s latest release has a new graphical user interface, integrated search capabilities and intuitive menu.

Linux Support for VBA Spreadsheet Macros
The Novell edition of 3.x provides support for spreadsheets that include Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macros, removing one of the largest barriers to enterprise adoption.

Enhanced 3-D Accelerated Graphics
SLED is the first enterprise Linux desktop to include powerful Xgl-based graphical capabilities. These capabilities take full advantage of the 3-D accelerated hardware commonly shipped in modern systems. With Xgl, SLED delivers an industry-leading end-user experience.

Easy Setup and Configuration
SLED is designed to be easy to deploy and configure. AutoYAST make large-scale desktop rollouts easy, while YaST streamlines individual installations. From network configuration to installing or adding printers, it simplifies the process.

Compatibility with Your Existing Networks
SLED connects easily to your existing wireless or traditional network. In addition, it supports all standard security protocols and open standards for easy connectivity. SLED makes it particularly easy to switch from wireless to wired and back again, or to move from one wireless network to another.

Powerful Applications
Unlike other desktops that require additional purchases and installations to build the application set your users need, SLED is an all-in-one solution. It includes a complete office suite, a Web browser, instant messaging, photo and music management software and dozens of powerful business tools.

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