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Novell Identity Manager

If your users have to call the help desk to change their passwords, you’re going to love this.

Nearly 30% of help desk calls are password related. Analysts estimate that each time someone calls the help desk, it costs anywhere from $25 to $50. Why not empower your users through password self-service? It keeps them from getting derailed from their work, reduces distractions, and makes everyone more efficient. Let them change their passwords and manage their identity in accordance with your business policy, and take your help desk out of that loop.

You won’t need to worry about information disclosure legislation, because Identity Manager logs and tracks all user access for auditing purposes. This makes it much easier to track down breaches in security should they ever occur, and provides solid confirmation that only authorized users have access to sensitive information and systems.

Former employees are a common security risk for any enterprise, but Identity Manager eliminates this chronic concern. The moment an employee’s status is changed to “dismissed” in the human resources database or any other authoritative source, resource access is automatically rescinded. Your confidential resources remain safe.

Of course, while only the right people should have access to your information, you must also be able to prove that this is so. An auditable identity-management solution is a critical component of any regulatory compliance plan. Fortunately, Identity Manager includes Novell Audit Starter Pack capabilities for centralized logging of all identity-management activities. Pre-configured reports include a list of all users with access to a particular system, and of all resources provided to any user. Novell Identity Manager can also issue alerts when inappropriate access is granted. You can act immediately to protect your company from costly security breaches and litigation.

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