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DeVeDe 3.16.8, create DVDs from video files

Posted by madhavkobal on 24/07/2010

DeVeDe Screenshot

DeVeDe is an application that converts various video file formats into a disc that can be played in a DVD player. Other applications and tool chains can be coaxed into doing this but DeVeDe has the advantage of being a dedicated utility that has been designed for a single function.

What DeVeDe can’t do is convert video files into other arbitrary formats or distill the contents of a video DVD into a single video file. As you might have guessed, there are no facilities for actual video editing within the program. However, you could team DeVeDe up with a dedicated video editor if you need to make changes to the source material.

When you first launch DeVeDe you are presented with a menu that allows you to choose between output formats. Apart from the ability to create standard DVDs, you can also make video CDs and DVDs with DivX files for players that support it.

Next up, you are taken to the main interface that allows you to add video files and titles to the disk. Each project is made up of a series of titles that are selectable from the main menu of the finished DVD. These titles, listed on the left of the screen, are associated with one or more video files, listed on the right. The source video files can be any video format that the system can understand and you can mix different formats within the same project. There is a submenu that allows you to adjust settings such as quality and aspect ratio for each video file. The DVD menu itself can be customized to some extent by selecting a background image, a font and a music file.

A bar in the middle of the main window shows you how much space you have left on the DVD. If the bar exceeds 100%, click on adjust and the program will automatically lower the quality settings to fit all of the video files onto the medium.

When you have the project arranged you can begin rendering the DVD image. This can take a long time, and thankfully, there is an option to render a short preview to test your settings. The finished file is output as a .iso file, ready for burning to disk.


Although the options aren’t as comprehensive as some other programs, I don’t think that there any absent features that 90% of people will actually need. In contrast, a lot of applications of this sort force the user to become of a bit of an expert in video standards and container file formats. It’s also worth mentioning that the help file is complete and details every part of the program. All in all, it’s a great little utility that does everything that it should. Recommended.

The DeVeDe website.

Original post by By Michael Reed

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Element OS – Home Theatre OS

Posted by madhavkobal on 21/06/2010

Overview of Element

Bridging the divide between the internet and television…
Element is a free operating system for home theater PCs, media center computers, and set-top boxes. Featuring an innovative “across the room” interface designed to be connected to your HDTV for a digital media and internet experience from within the comforts of your own living room or lounge. Element comes loaded with the software needed to stream all forms of web content  and manage your own multimedia library and downloads.  We’ve included many popular open source applications, each adapted to our unique interface, such as the Firefox Web Browser, Pidgin Messenger, and XBMC Media Center, along with access to numerous on-line content services from Hulu, Cooliris, Boxee, Clicker, Amazon on Demand, Youtube XL, and more.

Our aim has been to design an environment that is simple and intuitive while not sacrificing aesthetics or the ability to customise your system. We’ve enhanced a traditional mouse/keyboard driven environment through our unique implementation of a ten-foot user interface, providing our users a streamlined multimedia and internet experience they can pick up the essentials of in minutes and enjoy from across the room on there HDTV. If you have an Android handset then you can conveniently use it as a remote or purchase any of the affordable handheld keyboard/trackpad remotes compatible with Element in our Hardware section.

Unlike similar home-theater systems (Roku, Popcorn, etc) that are based around a single media center app or framework, Element is a complete application platform. What this means is even though Element comes preloaded with XBMC for media management and Cooliris for streaming content, you can add any number of apps or services such as Boxee, Hulu Desktop, Moovida, and to name a few.  Our system isn’t just for running different types of media software either, Element provides a full fledged computing and internet experience with hundreds of applications available all morphed to fit in our ten-foot user interface, from web browsers, to word processors, movie editors, photo managers, and most anything else you can imagine. You could even use Element as a gaming console with many 3D and general games available. In total over 1500 applications and almost 500 games are currently installable with a single click through our partners AllMyApps Software Center and our own Addons/Extra section.

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Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert Nautilus Script

Posted by madhavkobal on 18/06/2010

Right-click on a file, and this script will decide what conversions are appropriate, ask some questions about what you want, and execute the proper command and options to convert it into something else.
Convert multimedia files from one format to another, change size if desired
Convert multimedia to audio-only files
Convert audio files from one format to another. Both multimedia and audio can specify numerous ffmpeg options
– these options are stored in user-configurable files, including one designed for user submissions
Convert images from one format to another, and/or change image resolution (and jpg compression)
Convert documents from one format to another
Convert text to a .jpg file (an image of your text) or a .wav file (a voice reading your text)
Convert multi-image files, like pdf or animated gif, into a series of frames
– pdf to gif creates animaged gif, animated gif to pdf creates multi-page pdf
Convert various “CD Image” files into standard .iso files
Batch processing to apply conversion choices to all selected files in a single operation
Originals are not overwritten. Generated files are named based on the source and conversion choices

Install Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert Nautilus Script in Ubuntu

Preparing your system

Open the terminal and run the following command

sudo aptitude install links elinks zenity

First you need to download this script from here and extract. Then do one or more of these with the file “avconvert”:

(1) move (or copy or link) it to ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

(2) move (or copy or link) it to somewhere in $PATH (eg /usr/local/bin)

(3) do #2, then add it as a nautilus-action (set “paramater” to “%M”, check “multiple files”)

(4) add it to Gnome panel/launch-bar (drag/drop or right-click panel Add/Custom-Application)


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Free and Open Source Video Editors for Linux

Posted by madhavkobal on 17/06/2010

Free and Open Source Video Editors for Linux: I’ve shared with you a list of free and open source video editing software  before, and noticed that there are other excellent video editors for Linux that I failed to mention. So today, I would like to feature some more video editing software, which are all capable of handling video sequence editing and provide tools for trimming, colour manipulation, titling, visual effects, splicing, cutting and arranging clips across the timeline among others. The best thing is that these editors are free and open source:

Now, here is another list of free and open source video editors for Linux.


Kdenlive (KDE Non-Linear Video Editor) is a powerful non-linear video editor that is both versatile and easy to use. It supports all of the formats supported by FFmpeg such as QuickTime, AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Flash, and it also supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios for PAL, NTSC and several HD standards, including HDV. The latest version of Kdenlive features interface based on KDE’s Oxygen style, capture from FireWire cameras, webcams and Video4Linux devices, screen capture, support for jog shuttle devices, independent rendering processes, interactive timeline operations, high definition editing, lossless formats and clip organization / location tools. It utilizes various frameworks to provide a range of audio and video effects and transitions, including MLT, Frei0r effects, SoX and LADSPA. Audio effects include normalization, phase and pitch shifting, limiting, volume adjustment, reverb and equalization filters amongst others. Video effects include options for masking, blue-screen, distortions, rotations, colour tools, blurring, obscuring and others.

OpenShot Video Editor
OpenShot Video Editor is a non-linear video editor that is built with Python, GTK, and the MLT Framework. The project’s main aim is to provide a free, stable, and user-friendly video editor. OpenShot offers comprehensive editing and compositing features, and has been designed as a practical tool for working with high-definition video including HDV and AVCHD. Some of the main features of OpenShot Video Editor:

* Digital video effects, including brightness, gamma, hue, greyscale, chroma key (bluescreen / greenscreen), and over 20 other video effects
* Support for many video, audio, and image formats (based on FFmpeg)
* Gnome integration (drag and drop support)
* Multiple tracks
* Clip resizing, trimming, snapping, and cutting
* Video transitions with real-time previews
* Compositing, image overlays, watermarks
* Title templates, title creation
* SVG friendly, to create and include titles and credits
* Scrolling motion picture credits
* Audio mixing and editing
* Presets for key frame animations and layout
* Ken Burns effect (making video by panning over an image)

PiTiVi, as described from its project website, is a free, intuitive and featureful movie editor for the Linux desktop. Written in Python and based on GStreamer and GTK+, it is suited for the GNOME desktop environment and is designed with simplicity in mind. Here are a few of the features of PiTiVi:

* Unlimited video/audio track layers
* Full undo/redo history
* Basic clip manipulation
* Trimming, Snapping, Splitting/cutting, Ripple edits/roll edits
* Frame stepping, keyboard controls and shortcuts
* Audio editing
* Video thumbnails
* Fast, playhead-centered zooming
* Linking/grouping of clips

Ingex is a suite of software for digital capturing of audio and video data, without the need for traditional audio or video tape or cassettes. Its main features include SDI video and audio capture, real-time transcoding and wrapping in MXF, archiving to LTO-3 data tape and network file serving of media files. With Ingex, audio and video media files can also be stored on USB hard drives or Network Attached Storage. Thesoftware is extensively used by the BBC, and was developed by the BBC Research Laboratory. Some of the early production projects that have utilized Ingex include a Foo Fighters music video, and the BBC television series Dragons’ Den.

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Posted by madhavkobal on 14/12/2009

With the Video Downloader, you can download video from Youtube or any other streaming site. Rare are the sites you will not be able to download from. This integrated a flash video player too, so that you can play your files immediately.

Surf your favorite video sites with the addon in Firefox. When a downloadable video is detected, a small message box, similar to the one that indicates your downloads have completed, will appear. Click it and the video will be downloaded and saved to your hard drive. The Download button from the toolbar has the same function. Click the ‘explore’ button to access all the downloaded files easily.

You can download videos from Youtube and all the big sites. Most addons do this well. However, this technology will work with unknown sites too. Rare are the video sites you will not be able to download from.

There is an expert mode available too (activate it in the addon options), if you wish to find the exact URL of the video files on their source server, among other additions.

You can watch all the videos you have downloaded immediately by clicking the Player icon. You won’t have to find an external player which could potentially be bundled with malware. Note that you are able to start watching a video even while it is still being downloaded. It can be useful in a situation where you are uncomfortable with a site’s player or if there is too much buffering.
But If you desire to watch your videos outside of the addon, it is not a problem either. You can do whatever you want with the files. They are saved as they are found: their format is not changed. We only rename them, for your convenience.

Additionally, we have integrated our Ant Rankings to the addon, so you can know instantly if you are browsing a popular site, or smaller, potentially dangerous, website. If you are curious about this site we encourage you to click the Rank button to find more informations about it.

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WinFF – Convert Your Videos Quickly and Easily

Posted by madhavkobal on 27/11/2009

WinFF is a GUI for the command line video converter, FFMPEG. It will convert most any video file that FFmpeg will convert. WinFF does multiple files in multiple formats at one time. You can for example convert mpeg’s, flv’s, and mov’s, all into avi’s all at once. WinFF is available for Windows 95, 98 , ME, NT, XP, VISTA, and Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat based GNU/Linux distributions. WinFF is available in Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish and Turkish.

WinFF is open source and cross platform written in Free Pascal and Lazarus. WinFF is published under the GNU public license. WinFF is published without any warranty or suitability for any purpose.


* Easy to use interface.
* Fast (Winff does not hinder FFmpeg in anyway).
* High quality output.
* Converts multiple different files all to the same format at once.
* Convert video to audio.
* Convert between audio formats.
* No external codecs needed.
* Includes a variety of preset conversion settings for common formats and devices.
* Preset conversions can be created to encode to any format FFmpeg supports.
* Easy access to common conversion options such as bitrate, frame size, frame rate.
* Specify additional command line parameters for advanced users (options button).
* Easily change FFmpeg versions.
* Supports FFmpeg’s multi threading for dual core processors
* Multilingual, available in over 10 languages

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Goggles Music Manager For Linux

Posted by madhavkobal on 19/11/2009

Goggles Music Manager is a music collection manager and player that automatically categorizes your music files based on genre, artist, album, and song. It supports gapless playback and features easy tag editing.


Goggles Music Manager


  • Fast and light weight. Quick startup, no splash screen needed!
  • Supports Ogg Vorbis , FLAC, MP3 , MP4 , ASF and Musepack music files.
  • Support for AlbumArt embedded in tag or as separate file on disk.
  • Tag editing and file renaming capability (batch). One or more tracks may be edited at the same time.
  • Smart sorting with user configurable leading word filter to prevent sorting on common words like the, a or an.
  • Support for play lists. Play lists may be played in a certain configurable order, or browsed through like the main music library.
  • Export music library and play lists to XSPF,PLS,Extended M3U,M3U and CSV.
  • Clipboard & DND (drag-and-drop) support to arrange playlists and dragging to and from gnome / kde applications.
  • Uses xine multimedia library for gapless playback.
  • Written using FOX, one of the fastest GUI toolkits available. Support for FOX-1.6.x and the latest development version FOX-1.7.x.
  • Customizable icons. Either use building icons or use an existing gnome/kde icon theme.
  • Configurable user interface from minimalistic to detailed view. Full screen mode available with FOX-1.7.11.
  • Clean and fast database backend using SQLite 3.
  • Last-FM audio scrobbler support.
  • Replay Gain support (Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and mp3 with APE tags).
  • Equalizer

Basically, it’s a simple music player that does it’s job and works really fast. Other than it’s speed, I was also impressed with how little system resources it uses: 8.7 MB of RAM (on my system) and never more than 2% CPU (my music collections is something near 40.000 songs).

Please note that to install it in Ubuntu, you can’t have Nvidia 190 drivers (because libxine1 depends on nvidia185 drivers).

Download Goggles Music Manager:

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Convert And Download Any Youtube Videos –

Posted by madhavkobal on 10/11/2009

Kickyoutube logo

This website allows you to convert any Youtube videos into a number of formats, including stripping only the audio part in MP3 format. Just locate the desired Youtube video, choose the output format among many available choices, like FLV, HD, AVI, MP3, OGG,  hit the green Go button in the right corner and let it work! Simple, friendly, powerful!. You can also use this URL with your download manager!!!! Now you can queue up your Youtube downloads.


The homepage also has an introduction video that explains how it all works. Very handy, very neat, very useful!

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Moovida: A Music Player for the Masses

Posted by madhavkobal on 04/11/2009

Moovida logo

If you’re like most computer users, your hard drive is probably stuffed to the gills with movies, pictures, music, and media files you want to hang on to. If you’re trying to figure out a good way to manage them all, have a look at Moovida, an open source media player that’s so snappy you might kick your current player to the curb.

Moovida is loaded with more features than one person could probably ever use. Media is searchable by artist, song, TV show, movie title, or file name. Thumbnail and slideshow images of cover art or image files display beautifully and put CoverFlow to shame.

Moovida pics

Stream movies and TV shows right over your home network, or play directly from DVDs or video files on your hard drive. Moovida supports all video formats including .mov, .flv, .divX, and .mkv — even the elusive .ogg. It’s got full HD support and allows users to access online content via plugins. Moovida will even pull plot synopsis and actor lists from the Internet, and display subtitles for all your favorite foreign films.

Moovida movies

Moovida organizes your music according to artist, album, genre, and even by time period. As with movies, you can stream across your network, or play CDs or music files housed on your hard drive. Moovida lets you integrate your music library with online content services and has plugin support for Shoutcast, Grooveshark,, and RTBF radio.

Moovida music

One of the neatest things about Moovida is the ability to share media content from your computer directly on your TV. In fact, unlike many other media players, Its user interface is optimized for TV viewing and includes remote control support. Moovida automatically detects peripheral devices like digital cameras, iPods, and USB hard drives, making adding or transferring files a snap.

If your media file directory rivals that of the Library of Congress, then you need to give Moovida a try. Its easy to install and makes managing your media content a real joy.

Find the install instructions for various Linux distribution here. Suse/OpenSuse users can use packman repository here

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GNUMP3d – The GNU Streaming MP3 / Media Server

Posted by madhavkobal on 07/10/2009

GNUMP3d is a streaming server for MP3s, OGG vorbis files, movies and other media formats.

It is designed to be:

  • Small, stable, portable, self-contained, and secure.
  • Simple to install, configure, and use.
  • Portable across different varieties of Unix, the GNU Operating System, and Microsoft Windows platforms.


The theme thexder The theme La Frere title=
The theme Nausicaa The theme red gray
The theme simple The theme split
The theme default.jpg

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