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High Availability & Clustering

This 2-day course is ideal for network administrators who want to use Novell’s High Availability (HA) add-on to manage clustered resources and provide high-availability access on their networks.

A thorough understanding of SLES-11 is a pre-requisite for this program.

  • Introduction to Linux HA Clustering
    High Availability (HA) Clustering Concepts
    Novell HA Clustering Alternatives
    Linux HA Overview, Terminology and Architecture
    High Availability Storage Infrastructure
  • Configuring and Managing Linux HA
    Configuring Linux HA
    The Cluster Information Base (CIB)
    Heartbeat Resource Agents
    Controlling the Behavior of Respource Agents
    Working with the Cluster Information Base (CIB)
  • Configuring a SAN with iSCSI
    Introduction to iSCSI
    Configuring an iSCSI target
    Configuring an iSCSI Initiator
  • Configuring Cluster Storage with a SAN
    Why a SAN
    Introduction to Clustered SAN Storage
    SAN Alternatives
  • Configure Clustered Storage with OCFS2
    Introduction to OCFS2
    Configuring an OCFS Cluster
    Integrating OCFS and Linux HA
  • Configuring Application Cluster Resources
    Configuring Apache as a Cluster Managed
    Resource Using an iSCSI SAN
  • Managing Cluster Storage with DRBD and Linux HA
    Introduction to DRBD
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