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Suse Linux (SLES-11) Admin

This course trains attendees on the concepts and skills that help in efficient administration of servers based on Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11. The training is divided into three modules and begins with the basics of Linux. It scales up to cover network administration and security. The course is a 100% practical, machine-based program, covered over ten full days of training.

Course 3101 :

  • First Steps with Linux
  • Locate and Use Help Resources
  • Manage the Linux Filesystem
  • Work with the Linux Shell and CLI
  • Administer Linux with YaST
  • Manage Users, Groups, and Permissions
  • Use Linux Text Editors
  • Manage Software with RPM

Course 3102 :

  • Install Suse Linux Enterprise 11
  • Manage System Initialization
  • Administer Linux Processes and Services
  • Administer Storage
  • Configure the Network
  • Manage Hardware
  • Configure Remote Access
  • Monitor SUSE Linux Enterprise 11
  • Automate Tasks
  • Manage Backup and Recovery
  • Administer User Access and Security

Course 3103 :

  • Configure Fundamental Networking Services
  • Manage Printing
  • Configure and Use Open LDAP
  • Configure and Use Samba
  • Configure a Web Server
  • Configure and Use IPv6
  • Perform a Health Check and Performance Tuning
  • Create Shell Scripts
  • Deploy Suse Linux Enterprise
  • Xen
  • LiveFire Exercise
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