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Consultancy & Services

Understanding and simplifying an organization’s technology needs is a challenge. With so many complex technologies running in an enterprise network, using a simple network management software is grossly insufficient.

What needs to be managed is not just nodes and networking equipment. The need of the hour is an Infrastructure Management Solution that can handle an organization’s business applications. Likewise, the supporting infrastructure for these applications cannot be unavailable for whatever reason. Security Management is another concern altogether. Storage management is a challenge for some organizations. As the organization grows, so does its IT infrastructure, and the organization now looks at optimizing these resources it has built over the years. In response to a large number of technology-oriented client engagements, OS3 Infotech has nurtured in-house competencies for offering a comprehensive range of technology consulting services. Infrastructure and Open Source Consulting for the SME segment comprises of various areas in IT and also forms a major part of our client engagements. Our strengths lie in :

  • Internet Infrastructure Consulting
  • Open Source Migration & Consulting
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Consulting
  • Network Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Consulting

Our work culture and development methodology largely derives from Software Engineering Principles of Open Source Software. Development at OS3 Infotech, therefore, is an iterative process rather than the traditional linear process. This ensures that our application development process is flexible and at the same time more robust because of the involvement of all the teams including Quality Control during the various phases of the project.

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