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Identity & Security

By the time you discover a problem with your network security, it may be too late. Stop reacting to identity and security challenges. Start using automated solutions that turn policy into practice.

Written management and security procedures are not enough. Without consistent policy enforcement, you’re still at risk for data loss, productivity disruption and costly regulatory fines. With over 6,000 successful customer deployments and counting, Novell delivers network security you can trust. Novell automates identity and security management so you can conduct business as usual 24×7×365. A longstanding leader in identity and security solutions, Novell helps ensure policies and regulations are always correctly and consistently enforced across the enterprise. We’ll help you manage identities, provisioning, access and regulatory compliance.

Compliance Management Do you have a good handle on regulatory compliance? Don’t worry. You will.

Novell Compliance Management solutions help you achieve, maintain and prove compliance with both internal policies and external regulations. Our unique approach integrates identity, access and security management technologies so you always know who is accessing what, when they’re doing it and if they’re authorized. And because our approach is the only one that links people, processes and policies together, you can more effectively manage risk and eliminate costly, time-consuming auditing tasks.

Because Novell’s Compliance Management solutions have the unique capability to recognize security risks and compliance violations in real time, they can help you recognize and fix an internal concern before it becomes a public problem.

Novell Compliance Management solutions include the following capabilities:

  • Compliance automation and validation
  • Access governance
  • Security and vulnerability management

Novell’s technologies ensure trusted and secure access and give you a real-time, holistic view of network events and users. The result: You can respond instantaneously to potential threats and provide solid proof of compliance at a moment’s notice.

Identity and Access Management

You have every reason to be concerned about the potential security threats posed by your many end users.

Fortunately, granting access to information resources and mission-critical applications doesn’t have to put your enterprise at risk. Novell Identity and Access Management solutions help customers maintain both productivity and network security with confidence.

Improve your network security with capabilities like:

  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Access management
  • Enterprise single sign-on
  • Password management

Our technologies address complex identity and access management challenges, such as automating business processes, mitigating security risks and laying the foundation for compliance with internal policies and external regulations. No matter which systems and applications are already part of your identity and security infrastructure, Novell technologies enable you to control and track access to your valuable information resources.

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